CitraZoy- The Premium Fine-Bladed Zoysia

CitraZoy® Zoysiagrass is a newly commercially released zoysiagrass from the University of Florida. The variety is a finer- bladed alternative to other Florida grass options. EMPIRE® Zoysia has been the Florida standard for zoysiagrass for the past two decades but for all of EMPIRE’s strengths, it does have some features that were set out to be improved upon when developing this new variety.



CitraZoy is finer than EMPIRE, features disease resistance and holds color much better in the winter months. UF turfgrass breeder Dr. Kevin Kenworthy describes CitraZoy’s blade width and appearance to be “an entirely new look for landscapes in the state of Florida.” It will have a manicured, attractive appearance without inputs other superfine zoysiagrass requires. Due to it not needing to be mowed as short as those varieties, the manicured lawn look comes easier for homeowners to accomplish.

The Florida climate frequently creates perfect conditions for turfgrass disease to run rampant. CitraZoy was developed with a level of disease resistance, especially resistance to Rhizoctonia (large patch.) CitraZoy shows the best resistance to large and brown patch diseases than any zoysia on the market today.
Lastly, CitraZoy will hold onto a strong color throughout the year in Florida. It outpaces others when it comes to fall color retention and spring green-up and has overall less off- color time at any stage of winter dormancy. This is a feature that homeowners are increasingly seeking. CitraZoy lawns will not lose their green color as fast in the fall and will bounce back by early March/April and perhaps sooner depending on where you are in the state.

Where It Will Grow
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Winter Color Spring Green Up
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Medium Fine Bladed
Citrazoy Superior Drought Response Icon
Superior Drought Response
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Improved Disease Resistance
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