The Premium Fine-Bladed Zoysia

Why Choose CitraZoy®

CitraZoy® Zoysiagrass is a newly commercially released zoysiagrass variety from the University of Florida. Compared to other Florida grass variety options, CitraZoy exhibits better winter color, more disease resistance and features a finer-bladed appearance. The release of CitraZoy comes after 13 years of development and testing, seeking a better option for many of Florida’s turfgrass challenges.

Citrazoy Winter Color Spring Green Up Icon
Winter Color Spring Green-Up
Citrazoy Superior Drought Response Icon
Superior Drought Response
Citrazoy Medium Fine Bladed Icon
Medium Fine Bladed
Citrazoy Improved Disease Resistance Icon
Improved Disease Resistance
Citra Zoy Grow Map

For Homeowners

For Professionals

“The grass has a beautiful dark green color. It needs very few inputs from a homeowner and I have not had any disease issues in the lawns I deal with.”

George Farmer - Florida Innovative Landscape Company

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